What we do: outcome 4

Local communities are aware of climate change issues, and play a critical role in the decision-making process regarding actions that address them.

The purpose of this component is to strengthen capacities for planning and decision making, and to make local communities more aware of their participation in decision making processes related to climate change as the central theme. The following actions are being carried out:

  • ·        The socialization of knowledge on regional climate among local communities to empower them regarding climate issues for participation in decision making processes.
  • ·         Promoting the use of the ELIS (Environment and Land Information System) in various areas including political, educational, sectorial, unions, community, etc. This regional information system will keep local communities more aware of their own environment.
  • ·         Strengthening of mechanisms for coordination between various public and private stakeholders in order to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of project results.
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