What we do: outcome 3

Local governments in both basins, Chinchina and Mantaro, incorporate climate change adaptation issues into their land management policies.

This component is oriented toward the strengthening of the regional-level governments of Junín (Peru) and Caldas (Colombia), as well as local governments, on affairs related to climate change adaptation. The strengthening of policy tools will be promoted, as well as cooperation between local authorities and communities, and with other local actors through networks, committees or associations, seeking the inclusion of climate change adaptation issues within planning tools.

A core element in this component is the design and implementation of the Environmental and Land Information System (ELIS, or SIAT for its acronym in Spanish), one for each basin. Different sources of information for each basin related to climate, climate variability and climate change will be integrated in the ELIS-Chinchiná and ELIS-Mantaro. To achieve this goal, different sources of information (national, regional, environmental, socio-economic) will be connected in an interface for use in planning and decision-making in land or sectorial management policies.

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