What we do: outcome 1

Knowledge on the expression of climate variability and climate change and its impacts, built from the integration of formal, local and ancestral knowledge.

Based on existing information, an analysis of the regional characteristics of climate variability and climate change on both watersheds Mantaro and Chinchiná is being carried out in order to identify the impacts that these changes may cause in the territory.  An assessment of existing climate change scenarios has been developed in order to identify the modifications that climate change would cause in the regional mean air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation and extreme events.  Afterwards, the impacts of these changes on water resources, agriculture and also on the risks related to weather and extreme hydro-climate events will be assessed.

This component will be carried out jointly by CIIFEN, IDEAM-Colombia and SENAMHI-Peru.  The participation of local universities will be required, and at least two master's degree theses will be developed in each watershed.

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